Military wife 101

Hello everyone!!! I took a couple of days away from my computer. My husband left and I’m just feeling pretty blah. Before he left we talked about military wife do’s and dont’s. I see so many wives, usually really young ones, that need to sit down hear these things. Most of them are pretty obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many women actually do these things! I’m sure this post will be hilarious for us military wives that aren’t guilty of these.

Don’t Make every name for every social media account you have “USMC wifey” or “Army wife”. You’re not the first wifey or the last one, it’s kind of annoying.

Don’t Go to the barracks without your husband. You are just setting yourself up for disaster! I’ve actually known a girl who took a drunk friend of her husband’s to the barracks. Sure enough in no time the rumor mill was going. If you are asked to take someone to the barracks alone, drop his ass off at the front hate where there are witnesses and wish him luck! Or just say you can’t, hahaha.

Don’t dirty dance with your husband’s commanding officer at the ball. It isn’t cute, enough said.

Don’t. While we are on the topic of the ball… Please for the love of god cover yourself up! The ball is a formal event, not a strip club. Have some respect. That also goes for any other military/shop function. No one wants to see what you have hangin all out!

Don’t call your husband’s commanding officer when he has to work late, or has a bad day at work. They don’t care, you will just make work life harder for your man.

Don’t ask every new wife you meet what her husband’s rank and MOS is. Unless you are an expert on military jobs and you’re writing a novel you will probably have no clue what she says anyways. It’s rude.

Here are the do’s. Support your husband no matter what the military throws at you. Chances are he hates all the crap more than you do. You can’t change it. If you’re a stay at home wife/mom keep your house clean. I’ve been in so many military homes that I wouldn’t let my dogs in! Keep your head up this crazy life only lasts for a short period of time so make the best of it :). This is just a very short list of do’s and dont’s feel free to add your own. Hopefully I didn’t offend too many of you but if I did I’m blaming my husband since he helped with the list hahaha.


My therapist

The past couple of days have been pretty emotional for me. With my husband leaving very soon I’m so emotional! One second I’m fine and the next second I’m all greasy eyed because my 2 year old says she loves her daddy. A lot of us military wives have learned how to hide our emotions. We don’t want to look like we can’t handle the weight of the world. But the truth is we really can’t. I can’t break down and cry and tell my husband I don’t want him to leave because the fact is, we were dealt a shitty hand and we are playing it the best way we think we can. A little back story…we bought our house under the impression that we would be here for 3 more years at least. The day we closed on our house we found out his orders were canceled. It sucks but as we all know the military is a wait and see game. So we waited…then one day I got the phone call “we have orders to Florida”. Yup I cried. We weren’t even in our house for 6 months! We sat down and talked over our options. To us the only logical thing to do would be for him to move to FL by himself. We own 2 houses, a horse, kids in school…. It just wouldn’t work for us to up root everything we have here to move for 3 years. I’ve gotten a lot of criticism from family and friends and believe it or not most have been military! Yes we chose this but it doesn’t make it any easier. My husband deployed for a year, three weeks after our daughter was born. When he came home she had no idea who he was, I just don’t want that to happen again. So with that being said, today I felt like everything was just getting too much to handle. I needed a break from it all just for a little bit. I went to see my therapist….Chevy boy 🙂 for me there’s nothing like a good trail ride to take my mind off of things and put me in a better mood. I suggest to all wives going through this to get their own therapist. You may think you need to be stuck to your husband till the very last second but you don’t! Do something for yourself, I promise it makes this crazy military life a lot easier. Hope you enjoy these pics from my therapy session, it’s nothing special but it’s what makes me happy.


My makeup must haves

I’d have to say picking out my makeup must haves is extremely difficult! So the way I went about this was, if I could only pick a few things to do my makeup for any occasion for a week what would they be? After some serious thought I came up with a pretty reasonable list. Staying true to my blog mission they are all very affordable products 🙂


Starting from left to right:
1- Ulta’s Amped Lashes; I love this mascara it is def my “go to” mascara when I want super long and thick lashes. I got mine for $10 but I’ve seen them in sale for less.

2- Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation of course I can’t get ready without this gem.  I wrote about it last month

3- My e.l.f. eye pallet. It was hard to pick just one eye shadow pallet but I had to go with this one. Not only is it the one I use to do my eye brows but the colors pretty much go with anything.

4- Wet & Wild Fergie Shimmer Pallet.  I actually really like this. I was pretty skeptical when I bought it but it’s beautiful on my skin. I use it to highlight and it reflects the light really well. There is a slight glitter look but on the skin it’s not like stripper glitter lol.  I found it on sale at Walgreens for about $4.

5- NYX HD Photogenic Concealer; This is a great concealer!  I use it for my under eye area and to cover up red blemishes.  It doesn’t cake up any where you put it. Found it at Ulta for $5.

6- Rimmel Stay Glossy- This just happened to be the color I picked up but any color in this line is gorgeous! Very shiny, you will not be disappointed with this choice 🙂 I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for this but of course it wasn’t a lot.

7-  and last but not least my NYX blush in Terra Cotta. I’m really liking this color for fall, you just can’t go wrong with any NYX product!

Sorry the picture quality isn’t the best for some reason when I take pics in my bedroom they turn out blurry.

Fall nail colors

This year I am loving the fall nail colors. Since I’ve stopped using the Kiss nails, just to give my nails a break, I’ve been finding beautiful colors. Here are my favorites right now.


From left to right: 1-Sinfulcolors in Nirvana matte. I’m wearing this now and I love it! I wasn’t too sure about the matte finish but it’s lovely. Apply 2 coats to make sure it’s even. 2- Petites in 25k gold. With this one I use it as an accent nail, your nail will be covered in gold. It’s very thick. 3- Sinfulcolors in Soulmate. A very pretty soft pink, it would look gorgeous with the Nirvana. 4- Ulta Nail Lacqure in Chocolate Kiss. This is a very pretty purple/brownish color. I’m wearing it on my toes 🙂 they all stay on pretty good I have no complaints! Also the price tag is AMAZING, all were $1 except the Ulta one I got that one on sale for $2. Share with me some of your fall nail faves 🙂

Showing some ipsy love

Shout out to ipsy for being so awesome! I wrote to them about my bag being stolen and they are sending me another one. That just shows what a great company they are. I didn’t have to jump through hoops, and they contacted me within 2 business days! They even asked if I wanted to change my shipping address so we don’t have this happen again. They now have a happy customer for life 🙂 I can’t wait to do my review this!

My favorite consignment store

If you are around the Camp lejeune area you need to check out my favorite consignment store, New to You. It’s right off of hwy 24. I love this place! I have found so many things here to include my Chanel bag! Inside they have really nice furniture and home decor. My grandmother got a beautiful real wood rocking chair for 60 bucks! Outside they have such a cute shabby chic decor going on. I snapped a few pics on my visit today. I really want the black couch and chair in my bedroom ❤



What a day!

Nothing exciting has happened today in the Riley household. My hubs recouped on the couch from his party last night. Which surprisingly was fun! I think most military wives cringe at the thought of a party being held at their house. The boys just lose their damn minds! It was funny to watch though. We had a wrestling match in my living room, a lawn mower race in our front yard (bodies were flying lol) and I had to make a mcdonalds run for 20 double cheeseburgers! Yes it was insane. Today I cleaned up and spent the days watching old horror movies and finished it up with The Walking Dead and pizza :). I’m not even gonna lie, I’ve been in pj’s all day and not even cute ones! Hope your Sunday was a little more exciting. I have lots of good posts coming soon.

But until then enjoy this picture of our pit bull, Roman. He’s shocked to find out he’s really a witch lol

Torn between two loves

I love living in North Carolina but it has it’s down side. I was born and raised here but I did spend a few years in Southern California. If you live in a small southern town I think you can really relate to this post. Honestly there is nothing “high class” about this place. The nicest restaurant is Olive Garden…yeah it’s pretty sad. So you’ll understand my fashion crisis. In California I felt comfortable wearing anything. My fashion was so amazing there, but that’s also because I was surrounded by other people who were also looking amazing. They had nice restaurants, and malls and just great places all around. I never felt out of place no matter what I decided to wear. I didn’t feel like people were judging me, there was always someone who out did whatever you had on lol! And that brings me back to good ol North Carolina. It is the complete opposite. If you aren’t in your pj’s at Walmart people look at you like you’re the crazy one lol. Ok it’s not that bad, but really close. I feel like if I wear certain things people are looking and judging. I know I shouldn’t care but I do. Have you been the only one over dressed? Yeah it’s an awkward situation. I am a mega Sex and the City fan. Carrie is my fashion inspiration. Watching the show I want to pack everything and move to a big city. Definitely not New York but maybe Atlanta or Raleigh. But then I know I wouldn’t be able to give up the quiet little town we live in. I’m torn 😦 how do you other fashionistas do it living in a small town? I know I’m not the only one!

20131020-114000.jpg gotta show some SJP love!!!
Here are a few things hanging in my closet that I’m in love with but never wear 😦

My Michael Kors faux fur vest still has the tags on it and I got it 2 years ago! What a shame. Steve Madden heels, and the dress I picked up at TJ Maxx a couple years ago too.

Party time

We are having my husband’s going away/Halloween party. We have been rushing around the house all day to make sure everything is ready. Now I just hope people show up lol! Here’s my look for the party, also little miss Scarlett’s costume



Waiting for the paint to dry

I am the most impatient person ever. I can not stand waiting for my nails to dry after I paint them. I sit for what seems like hours and just when I think I’m good to go nail Polish is everywhere! All over my hands, in my hair, pretty much every where. I’ve found one thing on Pinterest that actually works. Let’s just go ahead and admit it now, we’ve all tried some neat little idea on Pinterest thinking we’re super smart and failed miserably. I’ll own it 🙂 This one works, I swear! After painting your nails spray some Pam cooking spray on them and no more waiting! It really grosses me out because I hate grease on me and the smell makes me want to die but I’ll take a few seconds of torture if it means my nails won’t smudge hahaha! Try it, it’s a time saver