Our blended family


I thought I should introduce you all to our children. A lot of people are a little confused when I say I have 3 kids. I actually gave birth to one, Scarlett age 2. I have a step daughter, Elora age 7. We also have what we call our foster kid, Shon age 14. His family is going through some struggles right now and we took him in. If you would have told me even 5 years ago that I would have kids I would have laughed! I never thought I was the mothering type. Now if you told me I would be caring for my own and 2 that weren’t mine I really would have thought you were crazy! But now that this is my life I don’t know what I would do without all these crazy kids. Having our “foster” kid has taught our whole family how to love and care for someone truly in need. Our girls look at him as their own big brother. And even though he drives me insane with middle school problems (like his little girlfriends, omg I’m not ready for this stuff) this has made my husband and I better parents.


Surviving the Wait

I have seriously neglected my little blog!  Since my husband left I feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day.  With 3 kids I just can’t get a second to myself. I do have 2 Ipsy bag reviews that I’ll post soon, I promise.

Today I want to talk about deployments.  Even though my husband isn’t “deployed” I’m looking at this time apart as a long deployment.  He will get to come home some times but we will spend weeks/months apart.  No matter where your husband is, when he’s away from the family it’s hard.  His last deployment was my first. It was extremely hard, I was home with a newborn baby, we had little to no communication, and anything that could go wrong did.  I remember asking other wives for advice and they would all say “Just stay busy.”  I don’t know about you other wives but after hearing that so many times I would go crazy! No one would really tell me what to do to stay busy, and I thought my life was so busy I couldn’t fit anything else in.  Now that I look back I did a damn good job at “keeping busy.”  So I’ve decided to make a list of things that kept me occupied, I hope this helps 🙂

*I think one of the most important things to remember is to never let yourself or your home slip. Once you get into the habit of not taking care of yourself it’s so hard to start doing it again once your husband returns. I’m not saying vacuum the house in pearls and high heels, but vacuum the house! I’ve seen a lot of wives just sink into this helpless depression with their husbands being gone, and they didn’t bother doing their hair or getting out of sweat pants.  Do it for you, trust me it feels good to look nice and have a clean house.

*For all of you stay at home moms crafting can be amazing on those lonely nights. I can’t tell you how many hair bows my daughter has because of the deployment.  When she was asleep I would make hair bows, wreaths, tutus, pretty much anything I could find on Pinterest.

* If you have some sort of talent turn that into income!  I do dog grooming from home. I know lots of moms that do crafts and make pretty good money with an Etsy shop. It’ll keep you busy and you’ll earn some extra income which is always a plus.

* Another thing that kept me extremely busy was redecorating our home. I did an extreme makeover! When my husband left we had no kitchen! When he returned we had a beautiful fully functioning kitchen. I kept it all a secret from my husband and he was so happy when he came home.  You obviously don’t have to all that to stay busy but just taking on the project of one room at a time is very fulfilling.  I love watching a room transform, and it’s so much fun!

*Make sure you have a good support group.  I’m not big on surrounding myself with all the other wives from my husband’s unit. Been there, done that, and will not do it again. I do however have a small group of friends that are all super positive in our choices as a family.  If I’m having a hard day I know I can call them and they will be there. Even if it’s something as small as a trip to Target, it’s so nice to be around someone supportive.  I’ll post more on this subject soon:)

No matter what stay positive and thankful. Some times during a deployment it seems like it will go on forever! On days I was extremely frustrated about my husband being gone I always had to remind myself there are some women who never get to have their husbands back. Stay strong ladies.