Going organic?

After some long thought, research and planning I’m happy to say our family is “going organic”!!!! This has been something I’ve been wanting to do but honestly I was a little scared and totally at a loss of where to start.
For me it all started with Facebook posts about food being recalled. It seems like every day some juice pouch or ground beef is being recalled for horrifying reasons. It really made me think about the trash I was allowing to enter our family. So I started my research. I won’t go into detail, but it made me realize we needed a change. For those of you that are wanting to take the plunge into the organic world here are some helpful tips.

* Talk to your spouse/significant other. Together decide if it’s right for your family. A lot of people aren’t concerned about going organic. I view it the same way I view religion, what I believe may not be the same thing you believe and that’s ok.

* If you are worried about the financial issue, don’t be. Well…if you have 10 kids and go through a gallon of milk a day it may take some budgeting. Shop around. You would be surprised at what your local grocery store has in stock. Check out your local farmers markets and try out that organic store you’ve never been to.

* Start small. Not everything in your pantry needs to be organic. We’ve decided anything that comes from an animal will be organic. A few other things like juice are too. When you try to make EVERYTHING organic it can be overwhelming. I decided to start there because I’m very passionate about animal rights and I know how horrible the meat and dairy industry are. Trust me I would be vegan but I love bacon way to much! What really made me stick to my decision was when I was at sam’s club and saw chicken breast bigger than my head!! I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a chicken that damn big! Think about how much of that is actual chicken and how much is hormones.

* If you are still unsure start with personal hygiene products. I have been using a body wash by Nubian Heritage and it’s like heaven in a bottle! I’ve also swapped my face wash, toothpaste, conditioner, and deodorant. Read up about the chemicals that are put in your regular products.

* Research, research, research!! Learn how to read labels. Learn that USDA certified organic and all natural are two completely different things.

* Start a small garden. This is something I still need to do. I can’t wait to grow my own potatoes and squash! It’s easy and you know exactly what is on your food.

I hope this helps anyone wondering where to start their organic transition. Don’t stress.



Living room makeover!

I have been hard at work on my home lately! I’m so excited to share my first room with you all!

Our living room is huge. It’s really hard to decorate with the furniture we have because the pieces were purchased to fit our old home. Since we moved in it’s just been thrown together and really blah. With tan walls, brown and blue everything, it was feeling like a cave. The room in no way reflected our personality. I was embarrassed of it when people would come over! After some long thought I had a vision and I’m happy to say my vision is now reality.

This is the before. Yeah it’s sad.

Now the after!!






20140611-161747-58667018.jpg              The room is constantly changing so some of these pictures are a little different.  I keep adding and taking away, decorating is never really done.
I have always been inspired by the 60’s/70’s era. The music, the decor, the clothes, the free loving spirits have always fascinated me. I wanted that to reflect in this room.
The paint color is Sherwin Williams “rainwashed”. A lot of the decor came from Target, TJ maxx, and Tuesday Morning. I hope you guys enjoy this room as much as we do