Living room makeover!

I have been hard at work on my home lately! I’m so excited to share my first room with you all!

Our living room is huge. It’s really hard to decorate with the furniture we have because the pieces were purchased to fit our old home. Since we moved in it’s just been thrown together and really blah. With tan walls, brown and blue everything, it was feeling like a cave. The room in no way reflected our personality. I was embarrassed of it when people would come over! After some long thought I had a vision and I’m happy to say my vision is now reality.

This is the before. Yeah it’s sad.

Now the after!!






20140611-161747-58667018.jpg              The room is constantly changing so some of these pictures are a little different.  I keep adding and taking away, decorating is never really done.
I have always been inspired by the 60’s/70’s era. The music, the decor, the clothes, the free loving spirits have always fascinated me. I wanted that to reflect in this room.
The paint color is Sherwin Williams “rainwashed”. A lot of the decor came from Target, TJ maxx, and Tuesday Morning. I hope you guys enjoy this room as much as we do


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