DIY ombré goblet candle holder

It’s been raining here in coastal NC for 2 days now and the rest of the week isn’t looking any brighter. So while I sit here watching a Sex and the City marathon I decided to share with you a little project I did Saturday afternoon.

My step mom gave me these goblet candle holders from Kirklands 3 years ago. I love them but they really don’t go with my decor in our new house. I’ve been wanting to do something with them for a while but just haven’t gotten around to it.


I took a trip to Lowes without much thought as to what color I wanted them to be, but I knew it would come to me once I got there. Valspar spray paints have some beautiful color options! The blues are to die for, so I knew ombré it is. The only problem was each blue was a different finish but that doesn’t really bother me since these are going on the very top of my buffet/coffee bar.


These goblets do have some texture to them. Even after 2 coats of primer you can still see it 😦


But I’m very happy with the finished product! This spray paint is amazing I had absolutely zero runs in the paint. I will certainly purchase Valspar spray paint from now on.


**disclaimer- this is my honest review of the Valspar spray paint. I was not paid by Valspar or any of it’s affiliates to write this review 🙂


My crazy thyroid story

Some of you may remember me talking about my weight loss problems last year. I went to the doctor, had blood work done and a thyroid ultrasound. I was told everything was fine and to diet and exercise. I went to another doctor and got a prescription for phentermine, that failed miserably you can read about that here.  I’ve been depressed and so confused.  I’m only 25 years old I shouldn’t have such a hard time trying to lose weight!

A couple of weeks ago I was having a horrible pain in my neck, jaw, and ear area.  It was excruciating and I couldn’t tell where exactly it was coming from.  I decided to go to the doctor.  This time I saw a different dr, a woman.  She couldn’t really tell what was going on but decided to prescribe me antibiotics.  Thankfully, I brought up the fact that I was STILL struggling with weight loss and a million other things.  She decided to pull up my blood work and thyroid ultrasound from last year and was shocked.  My insulin was twice as high as normal and my LH was SIX times higher than normal! She felt she could confidently diagnose me with PCOS.  Then she pulled out my thyroid ultrasound,  it clearly states that there is a mass that needed to be biopsied!  How was that looked over?!  How can that other male doctor tell me there is nothing wrong with me or my thyroid and that I just wasn’t doing enough dieting and exercising? She said this explains the pain I’m having. Upon further blood work she’s thinking I have an autoimmune disease, “Hashimoto’s” but I will know more after my biopsy and when I see a specialist.  So I have a biopsy scheduled and I’ll have to admit I’m terrified.

The whole reason I decided to share this with you all is to warn you.  Never put full faith into one health care professional. If you feel like there is something wrong don’t stop till you get the answers. I’m not saying all doctors are bad but you know your body, listen to it.  This honestly is what changed my outlook and made me make the switch to organic living.  If any of you live with this disease/disorder (I hate the word disease)  let me know I could always learn more about coping with the side effects.  🙂