Be a tourist in your town

While on vacation in Navarre FL, I was so excited to get out and enjoy the beach life. Then I thought, why am I not doing this every day in NC? I’m literally 2 miles from the beach! I work on an island, you have to pass the beach to get anywhere here. Why was I taking our charming little town for granted? The answer is, I’ve lived here my whole life, except for a few years in California. I thought I had seen it all, but I haven’t even scratched the surface.

When we came home I decided to be a tourist in my home town. I picked up one of those tourist guides and found out there is actually a ton of things to do around here. I had no idea we had a dog friendly restaurant! Or that I could take a free stand up paddle boarding class. My point is, look at your town with your tourist glasses on.
I hear so many people complain about where they live. Especially military wives, they don’t get out and explore. They spend so much energy hating it that they can’t see any good. Here’s my tips for being a tourist in your town.

1. Go to your welcome center, if you have one. Get a tourist guide, free coupons, even a map. You may be surprised at what you find.
2. Ditch your car. Go downtown, or a place you haven’t been to in a while and walk around. You see things in a different light when you aren’t passing by in your car.
3. Go to your local farmers market.
4. Or get out of your town and find a neighboring town to do these things. Even if you’ve been there a million times.
5. Shop local.
6. Have lunch with a friend at a little hole in the wall place you’ve passed up before.

These are just a few little things but I truly believe in supporting our local economy and I think if we all looked at our towns like tourist do we would all be happy. Don’t let the day to day consume you to the point that you hold a grudge against your home town. This is a little easier for me because I do live in a tourist town but I believe every town has something great to offer.


Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff….it’s gross. But let’s face it, some people get it. I would be one of those people. I’ve been fighting this battle for years now and finally found something that works, and doesn’t hurt our furry friends.
I use an amazing shampoo that I’m just not willing to part with and they don’t make a dandruff shampoo. I did some research online and found that eucalyptus oil could help.
Off to the organic market I went:) I picked up a bottle of 100% eucalyptus oil for $5.99. When I wash my hair I add about 5 drops of oil to my shampoo and massage it in my scalp. I personally like the smell but I think for some it could be a bit much. It tingles a little but feels nice. So far it’s been working great and my dandruff is at a minimum. You can also apply it directly to your scalp, I think I’ll be doing this soon since the fall/winter make it worse. I’ve heard tea tree oil can help with dandruff also, but I’ve tried tea tree shampoos that never worked for me.
I hope this helps anyone else fighting those pesky flakes.


Get rid of acne the cruelty free way

Hello everyone! We are back from Florida and finally settled back in. Our oldest daughter started school the day after we got back so we have been busy!

I wanted to share with you all how I’ve finally started to get a handle on my acne. I’ve written about this acne mess before and shared with you an amazing cruelty free face wash I use every day. My breakouts were going away but I was still having some trouble. When we first arrived in Florida my break out was pretty bad. I’m blaming it on the stress of driving 14 hours with 2 kids, and that truck stop burger I was brave enough to eat! I didn’t really want to leave our beautiful condo but needed something extra. So I opened the fridge and grabbed the lemon juice. I have never tried lemon juice but O…M…G!! I washed my face, applied the lemon juice as a toner, let that dry then moisturized. The next morning I could already see results! Those nasty pimples were drying up, my skin was looking brighter, and after doing it for almost 2 weeks straight a big scar I had from acne is starting to fade! Why did I wait so long to try this? The only down side is it will burn the acne a little but most toners do that any ways. It’s fast, inexpensive, and you are staying cruelty free! What more could you ask for? I don’t have a picture to go along with this post so I’ll just leave you with this guy we saw at the zoo…enjoy:)


DIY ombré goblet candle holder

It’s been raining here in coastal NC for 2 days now and the rest of the week isn’t looking any brighter. So while I sit here watching a Sex and the City marathon I decided to share with you a little project I did Saturday afternoon.

My step mom gave me these goblet candle holders from Kirklands 3 years ago. I love them but they really don’t go with my decor in our new house. I’ve been wanting to do something with them for a while but just haven’t gotten around to it.


I took a trip to Lowes without much thought as to what color I wanted them to be, but I knew it would come to me once I got there. Valspar spray paints have some beautiful color options! The blues are to die for, so I knew ombré it is. The only problem was each blue was a different finish but that doesn’t really bother me since these are going on the very top of my buffet/coffee bar.


These goblets do have some texture to them. Even after 2 coats of primer you can still see it 😦


But I’m very happy with the finished product! This spray paint is amazing I had absolutely zero runs in the paint. I will certainly purchase Valspar spray paint from now on.


**disclaimer- this is my honest review of the Valspar spray paint. I was not paid by Valspar or any of it’s affiliates to write this review 🙂

In a rush nails

I’m about to share with you not only my favorite on a budget beauty secret, but what I think is one of the best! One afternoon my husband decided we were going on a date. That happens like…never. I got dressed up, my hair and makeup were perfect. Then I looked down at my nails. It looked like a two year old painted them! There was no way I was going out to dinner looking like that. So off to walgreens I went. I really didn’t know what I was going to get. I saw the Kiss press on nails and thought “I only need them for one night and 6 bucks isn’t going to break the bank.” They were easy to apply. The nails are numbered so that takes all the guess work out. I just buffed my nails really quick, put the glue in the center of the nails, pressed them for a few seconds and done!! They stay on for a week or more! They don’t chip or lift. I do everything while wearing them, dishes, horse back riding, everything. The glue is amazing, press on nails have really come a long way. I will never pay $40 for French tips again! I love love love these nails!