Summer Favorites

     Lets just take a second to think about how it is freaking AUGUST!  Where did the summer go? The kids are starting school soon (thank god!) and pretty soon it’ll be pumpkin everything..yay!

Most people like to do monthly favorites but lets be real…wait for it…”ain’t nobody got time for that!”  So I’ll start the trend, or maybe it’s already around, of doing seasonal favorites. I have had so much fun with the trends this summer and I’m excited to share a few of my faves with you guys. A lot of things aren’t in this post because I have plans for them in the near future, *wink wink*

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This summer I have been OBSESSED with shorts that have different patterns and prints.  These are just a few.  They are fun and add so much personality to your wardrobe. 

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The pineapple and chevron pairs are from Wet Seal. The Aztec print are from ROSS. 

Another thing I’ve been loving this summer are fruity candles.  Usually I’ll burn fall and winter candles all year long but this year I couldn’t pass up the amazing scents at Bath and Body Works.  I bought Watermelon Lemonade, Pink apple Punch, and Hawaiian Hibiscus.  Another brand of candles I’ve recently discovered that are in my opinion just as good as the BBW candles is a brand called dw Home.  I’ve seen these at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and ROSS.  I bought the Cool Watermelon one. I love the neon pink with gold accents. They smell soooo good!

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Along with summer is the pain of having to shave your legs every other day! I’ve been using the eos, shave cream.  I will never use another brand. This stuff is so hydrating and the bottle claims you can shave dry or wet. It smells so good, and they claim it’s “almost natural” like their other products.  The price is the best thing about it, I found mine for less than 3 bucks at Walgreens.

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Next up is the Pearanormal Activity body lotion by gud from Burt’s Bees. This was on clearance at my Walgreens for $3.49.  I didn’t purchase it the first few times I saw it there but after smelling it I had to take it home.  I put this stuff on and no matter where I go or what I’m doing people always stop me to tell me I smell great….creepy, lol.  But it’s true, the smell will last you hours after putting it on, you won’t even need perfume or body spray.

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Last but not least, are my favorite nail colors this season.  There are a few but I picked these to just give you an idea.  The pink is the “Island Coral” I bought at Walgreens last night and the purple/lilac is called “Spitfire”.  I’ve been wearing these, or colors similar all summer long.  These colors make my hands look so tan! It’s going to be hard to switch to fall colors soon.

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That’s all for now folks. I have so many new things lined up I can’t wait to post more!



Fall nail colors

This year I am loving the fall nail colors. Since I’ve stopped using the Kiss nails, just to give my nails a break, I’ve been finding beautiful colors. Here are my favorites right now.


From left to right: 1-Sinfulcolors in Nirvana matte. I’m wearing this now and I love it! I wasn’t too sure about the matte finish but it’s lovely. Apply 2 coats to make sure it’s even. 2- Petites in 25k gold. With this one I use it as an accent nail, your nail will be covered in gold. It’s very thick. 3- Sinfulcolors in Soulmate. A very pretty soft pink, it would look gorgeous with the Nirvana. 4- Ulta Nail Lacqure in Chocolate Kiss. This is a very pretty purple/brownish color. I’m wearing it on my toes 🙂 they all stay on pretty good I have no complaints! Also the price tag is AMAZING, all were $1 except the Ulta one I got that one on sale for $2. Share with me some of your fall nail faves 🙂

Torn between two loves

I love living in North Carolina but it has it’s down side. I was born and raised here but I did spend a few years in Southern California. If you live in a small southern town I think you can really relate to this post. Honestly there is nothing “high class” about this place. The nicest restaurant is Olive Garden…yeah it’s pretty sad. So you’ll understand my fashion crisis. In California I felt comfortable wearing anything. My fashion was so amazing there, but that’s also because I was surrounded by other people who were also looking amazing. They had nice restaurants, and malls and just great places all around. I never felt out of place no matter what I decided to wear. I didn’t feel like people were judging me, there was always someone who out did whatever you had on lol! And that brings me back to good ol North Carolina. It is the complete opposite. If you aren’t in your pj’s at Walmart people look at you like you’re the crazy one lol. Ok it’s not that bad, but really close. I feel like if I wear certain things people are looking and judging. I know I shouldn’t care but I do. Have you been the only one over dressed? Yeah it’s an awkward situation. I am a mega Sex and the City fan. Carrie is my fashion inspiration. Watching the show I want to pack everything and move to a big city. Definitely not New York but maybe Atlanta or Raleigh. But then I know I wouldn’t be able to give up the quiet little town we live in. I’m torn 😦 how do you other fashionistas do it living in a small town? I know I’m not the only one!

20131020-114000.jpg gotta show some SJP love!!!
Here are a few things hanging in my closet that I’m in love with but never wear 😦

My Michael Kors faux fur vest still has the tags on it and I got it 2 years ago! What a shame. Steve Madden heels, and the dress I picked up at TJ Maxx a couple years ago too.

Party time

We are having my husband’s going away/Halloween party. We have been rushing around the house all day to make sure everything is ready. Now I just hope people show up lol! Here’s my look for the party, also little miss Scarlett’s costume