More cruelty free favorites!


While I have a small break between doctor appointments, school, and the kids I decided to share more CF favorites. Some are oldies but some are brand spankin new to me and I love them. Here we go…


(Malin+Goetz) mojito lip balm. This came from an ipsy bag and I use it every night before bed. It does not have a strong smell, it says mojito but I would say it’s unscented. You’ll notice a trend that I love/need lots of moisturizing things thanks to my busted thyroid. If you have dry lips this is a great option.


Tree Hut is a great, affordable CF product. I have the Shea body lotion in the scent Hawaiian Kukui, and the Shea body butter in almond and honey. They are both made with organic Shea butter and smell AMAZING! I found these at Walmart for around $6 a piece. I can’t get enough.


Another great product from a past ipsy bag, Yaby liquid foundation. This product is actually Vegan. It’s oil free but feels so moisturizing on my very dry skin. I can’t tell you how much I love this foundation! I have the color “buff”, it’s a light to medium coverage but you can build it up without looking like it’s caked on. It’s also very affordable.


Beauty Treats hydrating hair repair cream. I stumbled upon this gem at a Burkes outlet (it’s kind of like a ROSS). It was only $2.99 on clearance and CF, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I have very dry hair, like falling out and breaking off kind of dry. I put a dime size amount in wet hair (staying away from my roots) and style like usual. My hair looks and feels amazing. This product smells great and they use minimal ingredients.


One more product from an ipsy bag, Balanced Guru. This is a body balm in the scent “organic sweet cocoa and tangy body balm”. Well thats a mouth full! I was a little hesitant about this product because it’s pretty greasy but it really works wonders on stubborn dry spots. I use it on my elbows, knees, and feet. It will take some getting use to but once you see the results the greasy feeling won’t matter.


Last but not least…Giovanni, high gloss hair mist. I found this at TJ Maxx for $5.99. I tend to use this when I wear my hair curly. I spray it on the bottom half of my hair, to tame my dry frizz. I really like that it gives my hair the oil it needs without making it greasy.

Well if you took anything away from this post it’s that, I’m one dry hair and skin girl! It’s something I’ve had to live with for a long time but these products help me a lot.


Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff….it’s gross. But let’s face it, some people get it. I would be one of those people. I’ve been fighting this battle for years now and finally found something that works, and doesn’t hurt our furry friends.
I use an amazing shampoo that I’m just not willing to part with and they don’t make a dandruff shampoo. I did some research online and found that eucalyptus oil could help.
Off to the organic market I went:) I picked up a bottle of 100% eucalyptus oil for $5.99. When I wash my hair I add about 5 drops of oil to my shampoo and massage it in my scalp. I personally like the smell but I think for some it could be a bit much. It tingles a little but feels nice. So far it’s been working great and my dandruff is at a minimum. You can also apply it directly to your scalp, I think I’ll be doing this soon since the fall/winter make it worse. I’ve heard tea tree oil can help with dandruff also, but I’ve tried tea tree shampoos that never worked for me.
I hope this helps anyone else fighting those pesky flakes.


Rainy day bun

I swear it has been raining for like 5 years here in NC! Ok maybe just a week but it def feels like forever. I had to venture out in the gloom today and I wasn’t about to even attempt to do my hair, so a messy bun it was! I have to admit I am one of those girls that wear leggings or yoga pants everyday but I’ve never been to a yoga class hahaha! Today I felt like it was perfect for jeans and a t-shirt, and a messy bun just tops it all off. For some reason a messy bun is like the hardest look to get right, but I think I’ve mastered it. Tease the hell outta your hair! I finished it with an adorable head band I picked up last week. I’ll post a Messy bun tutorial very soon 🙂

And this is the sky after a week of nothing but gray ugly skies


A hair affair (that everyone should have)

Since royally jacking up my hair this past month I was determined to keep it from looking and feeling over processed. I desperately need to go in for a trim but Im terrified! My hair has finally started to reach a length that is acceptable, and I’m not about to screw that up. I think I’ve found the perfect mix of shampoos and products to keep it looking healthy.


Last month in my ipsy bag I received the John Frieda full repair shampoo and conditioner. The results for me were immediate, I’m talking in the shower immediate! It claims to “revive over worked hair”. It’s weightless, meaning it leaves no residue to weigh your hair down. I’m in love, as soon as my samples were gone I bought it at Walgreens for about 7 bucks a piece (its a lot cheaper at Walmart though) Next is the Bioinfusion anti aging reconstruction creme. I use this once a week after shampooing I let it sit on my hair for 5-10 minutes. I think it may be the combination of the new shampoo and this, that is working for me. This makes my hair so silky smooth, but make sure you rinse it completely because this will weigh your hair down. Snagged this on sale for $3 also at Walgreens. My next favorite hair product is the Organix biotin and collagen spray. My only advice when using this product is a little bit will go a long way! I made the mistake of spraying this directly on my hair and it was soooo greasy. I use one spray in the palm of my hand and put it on the ends of my hair and whatever tiny bit that’s left over I put near my scalp. It smells amazing! And last but not least is the Big Sexy Hair weather proof spray. It’s basically an anti humidity spray that actually works! After styling my hair I do a quick spray all over and done. I don’t leave the house with out it. I also received this in an ipsy bag and this sample has lasted me a couple of months so I haven’t purchased it yet so I’m not quite sure on the price. And there you have it my hair affair with these amazing and affordable products. Feel free to share with me some of your favorites too 🙂


A hair disaster!

This blog is obviously dedicated to saving money and still looking fab.  But sometimes that doesn’t always work out.  This week I broke my own rule, “I will never attempt to do anything to my hair by myself again.” About a year ago I chopped off all of my hair, then I went in for a trim and got the most jacked up hair cut of my life!  Luckily I had a childhood friend who’s brother is an amazing hair stylist and he did wonders to what little hair I had left.  I vowed I would never stray from him again.  Until I had a moment of pure insanity this past week.  I recently decided to go brown for fall.  I thought “I’ll save a lot of money if I just do it myself.”  It turned out alright for about 2 days, then I noticed my ends were turning green.  So I thought that would be an easy fix, just get the same color and dye it one more time.  Yeah, no. When I washed the dye out my roots were still the same color but my ends were BLACK!  Just like that I ruined my poor hair.  So after a few hours of crying to my husband (who was so great, he kept saying “it’s not THAT bad.” lol)  I pulled it together and decided I had to fix this. We don’t really have the funds to rush to my hair god (you other marine wives know, it’s right before pay day you don’t even leave the house till the first lol), so I dug myself into this hole I’m getting myself out!  I went to Sally’s, picked up some L’oreal Color Zap and a beautiful rich brown by Ion, and some intense hair repair conditioner.  After a few tense hours, it’s safe to say I’m happy with the outcome. It’s still slightly two toned but it’s a very pretty color. So my point is….trying to save money and look awesome is great. But there are some things we should never try to do the “cheap” way!