Under all of the makeup


Warning: this is gross!
I see all of these bloggers and youtubers doing makeup free posts. They talk about self confidence and how freeing it is to not wear makeup. But they look flawless even without it. I get that they are trying to tell other women that we are all beautiful with or without makeup. I understand that everyone has something they are insecure about under their makeup. That still doesn’t change the fact that whenever I see these posts I read or watch them with a smirk thinking to myself “yeah right, if you had my skin you wouldn’t be doing this makeup free crap.”

It’s so discouraging looking at those flawless faces with maybe one or 2 barely there blemishes. I can’t relate to them. I can’t go to the grocery store without makeup. Why? Because my skin is so terrible I look like a meth addict!
I wanted to share these nasty ass pictures with all of you going through the same struggle as me. So we have someone to relate to. Thanks to my busted thyroid this is what I live with every day, and it’s not just on my face! It’s on my chest, arms, back, the back of my legs, and in my hair. I wish I could change it but I can’t. I just have to learn to accept it…somehow. Could it be worse? Oh yes! I’m thankful it isn’t but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still embarrassing.





Easy peasy eyebrow tutorial

There are so many eyebrow tutorials out there. To me most of them look so time consuming and difficult. I recently started filling in my brows. I have never had them waxed, I could never put that much trust into a person. One wrong move and BAM there goes your eyebrow! No thank you! I tweeze my brows every few nights. That sounds like a lot but it literally takes like 5 minutes. One day after doing my makeup I just thought “I wonder how my brows would look if I filled them in a little?” The answer is…amazing! So here a quick little tutorial (I’m wearing zero makeup in these pics so please excuse me). First pics in the collage is my natural brow. 2nd-take a clean mascara brush and brush out your brows make sure you don’t have any craziness going on. 3rd- using my elf pallet I dab a little bit of eyeshadow that matches my brows on a small concealer brush (this is just the type of brush that works for me) 4th- starting on the side closest to my nose I start filling in, lightly. 5th- after I’ve got them filled in I take the mascara brush and brush them out again to blend any harshness. 6th- I blend a little highlighter above and right under the brow. And the last pic is of one brow done. What a difference!